Camco Freeze Ban 2000

Camco Freeze Ban 2000 Heated Hose (Ranging from $90 for a 12′ to $140 for a 50′)

We stayed in New Mexico for the Month of November and just used an ordinary hose but one night it hit freezing and we lost water.  I bought the 50′ version of this hose from Camping World and plugged it in.  We hit the freezing mark many times and I did not loose water again.  Giving it a 4 out of 5 simply because it worked for me, we did not get down to it’s boasted -20F so I can not  comment on that.  It has a thermostat and comes on when temp hits 35 and shuts off at 40.  Happy with this purchase.

Alfa Wifi Camp Pro

The Alfa WiFi Camp Pro;  (Ranging from $140 to $200)

Alfa, WiFi Camp Pro.  This is a pretty good long range booster/ repeater.  I bought one from Amazon after I arrived at a park with incredibly weak wifi.  It worked as posted.  I set up the antenna, wired up the modem and turned it on.  After setting up the modem (wireless) and secured it our devices were connected and are working fine.  Still, depending on how many people in the park the signal strength can still drop but much better than without.  If you can get relatively close to the camps hot spot you boost so well that you can even stream video.